We found him. It was easy. Nando is Fernando Rodriguez, and he works for social services in Salt Lake City, Utah. We changed our searches and found him on the ‘Net a lot (using his real name). We also got some notes from his classmates. They’re not too happy with him. Didn’t have many friends in law school. Doesn’t have so many friends now, either. The life of an internet tough guy is a hard life to live.

Fernando Rodriguez works in social services in Salt Lake City, UT.

Are you his boss? Do you know that he writes a blog called Third Tier Reality? You can google it. It’s about law schools. He doesn’t like them. He says the same thing about all of them. The only thing that changes is the pictures (of poo) that he posts with his “articles” on his blog.

Pretty surprising, isn’t it? Hey, social services employer: did you know he has a law degree? Or did he lie about that little fact when you hired him? He’s very angry, too. Should he really be working with kids and families that are involved in the social service system? They might need someone a little more compassionate, don’t you think?

We still wonder if his mommy knows about his little hobby.

Don’t worry, she’ll know soon enough.

It’s all for the lulz.


Hi Drake-ee law types from that great old class of 2009. You must all have heard of the wonderful work your classmate is doing on the Web telling everyone how worthless your school and every other law school is, how stupid your and all other law professors are, and how idiotic his classmates (you!!!) were, all illustrated with pictures of poo! That’s how you add value to a law degree, we say. Who is it? None other than nando, or, as we like to say, nan-doo-doo, and he posts at a place called “third tier reality” at on that google blogger thing; no link here, he ain’t gettin’ no link love from us.

So that’s who he is. Go take a look, 2009 Drake law grads. See what you think.

You’re back. Good. You’ve seen what’s there. Same thing posted over and over, just a different picture of poo next to it. Same typos and everything. And he’s so tough, isn’t he? Internet tough guy.

Do you like practicing law? He didn’t even try to pass the bar. Nice, huh? Now he goes after anything that moves associated with your profession and personally attacks anyone who dares to disagree with him. Watch out! Don’t get on his bad side or he might write a post with your name and a picture of poo next to it! You might not be the happiest bugger in the world right now, but do you really need this turd associated not just with your school but with your class year?

Come on, Drake folks, someone knows who this piece of crap is. E-mail us at find-nando@hushmail.com and we’ll out him.

Why? For the lulz, and because every internet tough guy needs to be outed.